February 2010

Who was your Roto Daddy in 2009?

For those new to Roto Daddy, we have evolved into a "once a year" blog entry. No advertising, no promotions, nothing to sell whatsoever.  My simple mission is to find and crown the service with the best player projections from the previous season. 

As a Rotisserie Baseball junkie, every season I set off on a quest to find the source with the most accurate Major league baseball player projections. This year's analysis is my forth season of rating the services.

Unfortunately it was a very busy year for me this year and I did not get a chance to compile data from different projection services. In lieu of my analysis here is a link to the Steamer  2009 projection evaluations.

Here is what the study produced last season:

Below is what may be a meaningful representation of the prognosticators in the player projections market. The representation is far from "all inclusive". Personally I subscribe to two of the services I am comparing, but I depend on contributions from readers for the rest of the player projections services (please look to the right-->).  Included in the analysis this year are:

Baseball Prospectus,  Fantistics,  Baseball HQ, RotoWorld, Marcels, and Zips.

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Our mission is to create an open forum of original thought that can be shared freely with other members within the fantasy community. If you have an interesting article, be it research or other, please pass it along to me and I'll get it posted.


How did my forecasting service do?: If you are interested in seeing how your fantasy baseball forecasting service compares. Send me an email with your services' player projections (in excel) prior to the opening of the 2010 season. I promise complete anonymously and the player projections will not be displayed/ transmitted or otherwise used in any manner until they are well past their intended purpose. Similarly I invite any industry proprietors to submit their own projections prior to the start of the season.

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